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Top 10 Questions Brides ask me!

Getting married and have questions about hair and makeup? Have no fear, I am here to answer the top ten questions brides ask me!

Here are the questions I answer:

1. How long does it take for you to do makeup/hair?

2. When is the best time to do my trial?

3. What should I bring to touch up with?

4. Do you offer touch up services?

5. How should I best prepare for hair and makeup?

6. What should the setup be like when you arrive?

7. Do you travel to….

8. Do you offer a different rate if I want something very natural?

9. Can I use my own products?

10. Should I colour/cut my hair before the wedding?

DISCLAIMER: All the answers are all of my own opinion, expertise and experience. Whatever I believe may not reflect on other artists in the industry!

1. How long does each service take?

Ideally, I would like ALL the time you can give me! BUT, I would love 60 minutes per service, or at the very minimum, 45 minutes. (90-120 minutes for both hair and makeup) I never really rush an application unless the timeline is tight.

2. When is the best time to schedule my trial?

This really is up to you. Depending on how early on the bride has booked her wedding, sometimes I even recommend that they align it with the dates they are having their engagement shoot, bridal shower, or fitting. That way, they can see how the makeup or hair wears and photographs.

3. What should I bring to touch up with?

These items I always bring with me for an event!


1. Lipstick: for after you eat. Matte finish lipsticks tend to have better staying power, and more kiss proof!

2. Face powder: to reduce any shininess or oiliness. If you are oily, I would also recommend *blotting sheets*

3. Concealer: This will be your saviour for any spots you may have rubbed off. Just a little dab, blend it gently with your finger, and set with face powder.

4. Eyelash glue: Usually not necessary unless you've cried A LOT. More often then not, it will still stay on your eye, but you'll feel much better knowing it is completely attached. Tip: Have someone else reapply it for you. Much much easier.

Optional-- Blush: If you love your blush, it is always nice to refresh it!


1. Bobby pins: for any pieces that may fall out from all the dancing!

2. Hairspray: Keep it in the bridal suite at the venue, just to touch up any flyaways.

4. Do you stay for touch ups?

Touchups are not included in the bridal package. If you have no experience with hair and makeup, and your budget allows for a return touch up service, I would 100% recommend it.

Generally, I take many steps in prepping and setting the makeup before, during and after to ensure it has its best chance of staying all day.Will you still have makeup on at the end of the day? YES! Will it look like you just applied it? Depends...

As for hair, we will usually discuss in the trial regarding your hair texture and the style you would like to achieve. If your hair type does not hold curl well, then we recommend wearing your hair up or purchasing hair extensions. Otherwise, touch ups would definitely be beneficial for more ease of mind.

5. How should I best prepare for hair and makeup?


I know, easier said than done. But a well rested, full and hydrated bride is a happy bride. Makeup: Just do what you usually do. Follow your daily skincare routine, and don't use anything new in case your skin doesn't react well! Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize everywhere!

If you are looking into any hydrating treatments, make sure to get them all done at least a full day prior to your wedding. Any clearing treatments, 3 days prior. Any waxing or threading: the day before. NEVER ON THE DAY OF!!

Hair: Shampoo your hair & condition the ends the night before, part it the way you'd like to wear it for your wedding.

If your hair is curly, you can blow dry with a round brush to smooth out your hair.

DO NOT straighten or curl your hair with hot tools!

If your hair doesn't hold style well, shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo, use very little or no conditioner and blow dry.

*Also, remember to have a good makeup remover for the end of the night!*

6. What should the setup be like when you arrive? ALL appointments: have an area set up with plenty of room, table space and lighting. I have a lot of stuff. The more room I have, the faster and more efficient I will be! Also, please have tissue or paper towel ready for me to sanitize product & equipment! Areas such as: Dining room, Kitchen Breakfast Area. AVOID: washrooms, tight spaces  For hair appointments: Ensure the area you have set up also has a wall plug. I will bring an extension cord so do not worry about it being as close as possible. A dining chair (not too high) or a stool would be great. For makeup appointments: If possible, please provide a bar stool or a higher chair. This will make it easier for the artist to see all the features of the face comfortably.

7. Do you travel to....

Girl, I will travel anywhere for as long as you are okay to compensate me for my travel. At the end of the day, I want to be a part of your special day and help out however best I can. However, I also have to pay for gas and other travel expenses that my regular fee does not cover. That is why there is a travel fee!

My current rate for travel is $0.25/km round trip from Markham, ON. (Specifically CF Markville)

8. I want something very simple and natural, can you offer me a better price?

Simply put, no. BUT HERE'S WHY... Nobody (or very rarely, at least...) wants to look caked, or overly made up, the whole idea of your wedding look is to look like the best version of you, whatever you feel 100% comfortable in.

8/10 times I've had brides ask this, during the trial it turns out they do want something bridal. More often than not, the same amount of time and effort is put into a normal bridal look as it is a natural look. At the end, my goal is to help you feel your best.

8b. I have short hair/thin hair, can you offer me a better price?

No. Similar to the previously question, I put the same amount of effort and time into someone with short hair vs normal length hair. My main goal is to make your hair look its best, and a lot of prep work, styling and setting goes into that no matter what your hair is at the start. Please respect the process!

9. My skin is very sensitive, can I use my own products?

Absolutely. If you are most comfortable with using your own foundation, then I have no problem with that. However, I cannot guarantee results because I may or may not have worked with this product before. Please just bare that in mind!

10. Should I colour/cut my hair before the wedding? Cut, yes. Colour, not unless you usually do. Don't ever do anything super different leading up to your wedding. Go to your usual stylist, get a trim, maybe some face framing pieces if your look asks for it.

If you need to get your roots done, then for sure get them done.

If you think your wedding day is the perfect time to try that new balayage ombre look... think again!

If you were interested in getting your hair coloured a different way for your wedding, have it done during your trial so that you can see how it looks with your chosen style. That way, you won't be upset if it doesn't turn out exactly how you wanted!


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